Here is are some of the resources that you might find useful:

To view the movies you need QuickTime:

If you wish to download the audio files to your computer and then burn them to an audio CD, right click on the following links and save to disk :
Chapter 1 Chapter 6
Chapter 2 Chapter 7
Chapter 3 Chapter 8a
Chapter 4 Chapter 8b
Chapter 5 Chapter 9

If you wish to view the movies in an external player right click on the movie you wish to view and select: Save as Source. Alternatively all the movies and audio files can be found on the CDrom. Open the CD and navigate to:

Site > Audio for the audio files and Site > Movies for the movie files.

If you'd like to get in touch you can e-mail me on tutor@smallpiper.co.uk to visit the website go to www.smallpiper.co.uk. If you find any typos or deadlinks let me know so I can fix them!

Good Luck!