.Tutor for the Scottish Smallpipes


This page is the online test page so that you can see a bit more about how the tutor looks on the CDrom (or memory stick). You can use it to make sure that the movies and audio will play on your computer. The pdf below shows the contents of the tutor and a couple of pages to give you a taster.

Please note - the site has recently changed the embed codes to take into account a recent update for mac. If you have a CDrom and are now having problems, please get in touch!

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This tutor was developed as part of a research project to teach the Scottish Smallpipes using podcasting. The outcomes of this project have been developed into this teaching CDrom. It is aimed at both the total beginner, not able to read music, and the more experienced musician taking up a new instrument. There are plenty of exercises and tunes, use what you need and leave the rest.

This tutor is designed to feel as much like a one-to-one lesson as possible. (Within the constraints of a CDrom!) I hope I’ve covered as much as possible, but there will always be extras, so if you find something you’d like added, drop me a line!

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The tutor book is a pdf file, so download it and either print it or view it on your computer and then listen to / watch the lessons! To test that you'll be able to download and print the tutor book click on the picture on the left to download the pdf of the entire tutor to your desktop. (or click here)

There are audio and video files for each chapter, all performed on a set of Scottish Smallpipes in A. If your set is in A you can play along, if you’re in D, you can still learn by watching and listening Just follow the links above! To test that you can listen to the audio click here. Note that the CDrom loads quicker than downloading the audio here off the web.

You need QuickTime to view the movies, you can get QuickTime as a free application from the web or on this page. To test to see if you can view the movies click to see the welcome meesage above (the picture of me) or click here.

The tutor covers the basics from putting together your pipes, tuning them and the fingering. There are exercises and carefully graded tunes leading you through each new note, each new rhythm and then each new grace note.

The CDrom contains over 6 hours of audio lessons and 30+ video clips (I haven't added up how long they are). These accompany the tutor book, which is delivered as a printable pdf. (The pdf is available for purchase on it's own and is self standing) It is possible to learn only from the pdf but most leaners would probably benefit from the full CDrom. If you have any questions give me a shout!

For those people who no longer have a CD drive, the tutor is also available on a memory stick. There is the option to buy the memory stick with all the bagpipe tunes that Vicki has ever recorded - 26 tracks on Scottish Smallpipes, Border pipes and Swedish säckpipa.

The PDF tutor book comes free with the CDRom

The tutor is £20 plus p&p.
The tutor plus mp3 album is £25